House : 10 « hacks » to help you through the winter

Save on heating, curb drafts, warm up the house … Here are 10 hacks to help you through the winter, inexpensive and easy tips that will make life easier.


1.Benefit from passive solar energy:

Make sure windows that receive a lot of light are well clear during the day. This will heat up the house, without having to install the heater.

In addition, let’s say it, maximum light is essential to get through the cold season.

You can also enjoy these sunny windows to grow tropical plants and / or dessert!

2. Run the ceiling fans … upside down:

We only think of making them work when it’s very hot in the summer, but they can also help in the winter!

Check if it is possible to reverse their direction (this is often the case), which will allow the warm air to come down instead of warming the roof. To lower hot air, the fan must turn clockwise.

3. Warm up the beds :

To save energy and for your overall comfort, it is better to sleep in a cooler room. But the problem is often at bedtime: when it’s cold outside, who wants to lie in an icy bed?

Do as before and warm up your bed in advance by placing a hot water bottle, some magic bags or even an electric blanket. Put on your pyjamas for even more comfort!

4.Prevent frozen pipes:

A pipe that freezes and explodes in winter is one of the biggest nightmares of homeowners!

When it’s very cold (and if you leave the house for a few days/weeks in winter), leave the cabinet doors open where there are pipes: under the sink in the kitchen, under the sink in the bathroom, in the laundry room, in the garage, etc.

This allows the air to circulate well and the pipes to take advantage of the ambient temperature.

5. Do not ignore air current :

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If you constantly feel a “little cool” because a door lets a little air, it’s time to act!

This is a common problem in old houses. No need to buy anything to stop the crack and keep the air out; simply roll an old blanket or rug and wedge it under the door.

This will at least save some energy while you are at home, at least before finding a permanent solution.

6. Use cat litter on the ice:

This humble product that many people already have at home can be used to prevent people from slipping when there is ice in the entrance and / or on the steps!

Some people even keep a small container in their car in the winter, because it is very effective in getting out of a bad situation when the tires do not seem to have a grip on ice or snow.

Another advantage: litter is less abrasive and damaging to the environment than other de-icers, such as calcium.

7.Create your own firelighters:

Dry orange peels and then use them to start a hearth fire, instead of the traditional newspaper.

It’s a good way to “clean” the chimney at the same time … And it’s SO Hygge!

8. Make your own space heater :

A thing old as the world, but that can heat a whole room: it is simply to put a terracotta pot holder upside down over a few lanterns.

The only thing is that you have to use something that is not flammable (and does not conduct heat) to raise the flowerpot: some flattened stones, bricks or tiles, for example.

9. Use paper to keep the boots:

Keep a bag or basket near the entrance with old newspaper or flyers. When you enter the house, fill the boots with this paper.

This little trick not only absorbs moisture quickly, but it also helps keep the boots in shape all winter long.

10.Optimize radiators:

If your home or apartment uses heaters or radiators as a source of heat, these are almost always placed against the wall. And in this case, unfortunately, it is often the wall that absorbs a big part of the heat.

To reverse this: simply place an aluminium membrane (it can be simply an aluminum foil for the kitchen) between the stove and the wall. Like this, the heat will be returned to the room instead of coming out of it.

So what do you think of these 10 hacks to help you through the winter? Please let a comment below.

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