11 tips for tracing perfect eyeliner arrows

Today, Onfancy allows you to know the mysteries of applying makeup to highlight the natural beauty of your eyes and start tracing perfect eyeliner arrows.

Dotted lines:

Draw your arrows as dotted lines first in order to look perfect after that you can attach them thoroughly once you feel fulfilled with your work.

If the spots are bigger, the more the thick arrow will be.

Classic arrows:

Classic arrows can make your eyelashes bigger and your eyes will seem more powerful. If you feel hesitant about not being able to outline a straight arrow, just start by drawing it with a few slight strokes. Then combine those lines into one.

Multicoloured arrows:

Why not outline arrows that contain many multicoloured lines? Of course, if you want to go more complicated in your drawing.

Paired arrows:

Trace a line over the above eyelid. Then trace another line under your lower one. Assure that the exterior finishes of the lines don’t join by omitting a space between them.

Intercrossing eyeliner:

Once you choose this type of makeup, it is necessary to make the arrow point upwards.

Light-coloured arrows:

Matching this easy makeup rule is assured to let your eyes seem bigger if you think your eyes look too small.

Combating the close-set eyes effect:

Eyeliners can help you a lot if you think your eyes seem too close(ly) set. The arrows could take any length you desire, make sure you start them at the middle of the eyes.

Getting your eyes to look less wide-set:

If your eyes are placed too broadly apart, do not forget to make your arrows start either at the inner angle of the eye. This will serve you to ’bring’ your eyes closer together.

Smoky eyes:

A perfect choice for night makeup.

Getting prepared for a party:

A social event like a happy get-together or a party asks for something amazing. Why not attempt a more colourful makeup solution?!

Time to experiment:

Don’t hesitate to attempt out new ideas: check out with various arrow patterns, utilise various colours and start tracing perfect eyeliner arrows. You can even think about adding beautiful patterns or arts.

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