We all know that our daily life ou is full of problems. We can not solve them all at the same time. There come some moments when you do not have much time to do the things as it supposed to be. Do not worry anymore, because today we present to you easy hacks that will save your day and facilitate it as much as possible.


Onfancy has decided to find solutions for many problems that you may face. Here are some impressive techniques that you can adopt.

14. If your feet sweat too much during the summer, you can stick a sanitary napkin inside your sneakers: your feet will not be soaked and will not slip any more, and your shoes will stop squealing.

13. To get rid of the effect “cameltoe”, just cut a piece of felt, and sew it inside your underwear or in your leggings.

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12. Pumice stone is ideal for removing pilling from sweaters.

11. Do you hate ironing your clothes? To get rid of wrinkles, put some ice cubes with your clothes in the dryer.

10. If you do not have a bag of clothes on hand, use an old pillowcase: simply make a hole in the top, in order to pass the hook.

9. To remove a stain of paint from a garment, soak it in alcohol, scrub it thoroughly with a toothbrush, and wash your garment with the machine as usual.

8. Use shaving foam to pre-clean makeup stains left on your clothes.

7. If you’ve gained a little weight lately, or you can not find your jeans size, you can create a spacer like this in 5 minutes.

6.An original way to store your tank tops: use a towel hook. So you will not only gain space, but your tank tops will not wrinkle, and will always be ready to be worn.

5. You can easily repair a stuck zipper by using soap: you simply have to rub it on the zipper, and the slide will slide perfectly.

4. Often, shoes bought for a special occasion are not suitable for everyday life. In some cases, it is possible to solve this problem by covering them with fabric.

3. Were you tired of your sneakers, or simply lost their original whiteness? Decorate them with lace, and now, a pair almost new!

2. You have probably already encountered a problem of jeans much too wide in size. The solution is quite simple: just sew a piece of elastic at the back of the belt.

1. If your garment is rather open on the sides, it is best to wear your adhesive bra vertically (yes, it is possible), to prevent it from accidentally passing.

And you, what are the other hacks that will save your day and without which you imagine more your life? Do not hesitate to let us know in the comments!

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