22 Brilliant Ideas to Give Your Old Clothes A New Life

It’s very easy to solve the ‘nothing to wear’ problem. Open your closet with a new look and attempt to imagine which items of clothing could be made more attractive or converted into something dramatically diverse and creative.


Onfancy has collected some creative ideas that require no money with brilliant results and tend to give old clothes a new life.

22. A skirt can be shine and suitable to dress :


21. A T-shirt with a cut out back :

20. You can give a new life to your ancient skirt by using some rhinestones:

19. An artistic collar design created from old disks:

18. Jeans and lace:

17. Make your boring shoes beautiful by combining an attractive colour transition :

16.Decorate your jeans with a charming design using a stencil and spray colourant:

15. An interesting and easy design for a summertime T-shirt:

14. Use a stamp to design a T-shirt with cat faces (or any other) print:

13. A nice thought for a cropped sweatshirt:

12. Convert summertime shorts using lace:

11. Or you might also want to decorate its rear pocket using a sequin ribbon :

10. Add some shiny colours to a white T-shirt and see how it will look like :

9. DIY socks and slippers are awesome and the best way to stay comfortable:

8. The mystery to that skirt is only in the wrap:

7. Use the rest of the excess to create certain blister-free flip flops:

6. Add some curiosity to the rear of a plain tee with this soft cut:

5. Add a fresh lace insert in your shirt with a bit of hem tape:

4. Bring an oversized man’s shirt lying nearby? Transform it into a skirt:

3. Add pizzazz to your own pants with decorated cuffs:

pizzazz to your own pants

2. Add a lacy piece to a plain vessel, no tailoring is required:

1. Recreate your white jeans with a sharpie and any lace:

So, what are your further ideas that can give Old Clothes a New Life? Tell us in the comments section below.

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