6 tricks to remove cat hair from your clothes

 tips to remove cat hair from clothes

He’s cute like all your kitty, but when you’re about to leave the house dressed in your favorite little black dress and a quick glance at the mirror confirms your doubts – you’re dealing with a disaster like ” cat hair “the size of your dress – there, it annoys you a little! To get rid of unwanted hair, forget the traditional tape brush and choose one of these simple and free tricks to remove cat hair from clothes .


1. The dishcloth:

Since the appearance of the dishwasher, the classic dishwashing machine can feel abandoned in some homes! So, find a new utility: slip it in your hand – dry, not wet – and rub it on your clothes to remove the hair of your cat.

2. The balloon to inflate:

If your children see you trying this thing, they will definitely laugh! Inflate a “balloune” then rub it on your clothes. You guessed it: it is the static electricity created that will take care of getting rid of the hair of your cat on your clothes.

3. The iron:

If you do not want to fripper your clothes by rubbing vigorously on it to remove kitty hair, use the anti-crease method: the iron! It will make the hair more “wet” which will allow you to remove them more easily by hand, once your ironing is over.

4. The sponge:

If you’re not in too much of a hurry and have a little time before you leave the house – like the time to let some of your clothes dry – use a sponge slightly soaked with water to remove the hair from your hair. cat. Make circular movements on your clothes, it will go faster!

5. The adhesive tape:

Okay, the principle is the same as the self-adhesive paper brush that sells in stores, but it still avoids you to make a race! Wrap a wide strip of industrial type tape (often black or gray) around your hand, obviously upside down. Then, imitate the movements of a roller to remove hairs on your sweater, pants, skirt or dress.

6. The old pantyhose:

Because it’s so worth it, sometimes, to wait a little before getting rid of a tights stocking that has been useful for months! The proof: by creating a static electricity effect, your pet’s hair that adorns your clothes will stick to the nylon stocking.

Removing the hair of your cat on your clothes becomes practically a fun activity!

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