7 Things To Talk About With A Girl That Make Her Like You

Things To Talk About With A Girl

Today, we’re talking about things to talk about with a girl. Do you ever have trouble knowing what to say to a girl that you’re talking to? Do you run out of topics or just don’t know what will make her want to continue conversation?

Today, I want to go over 7 unique things to talk about with a girl to keep her interested when she’s talking to you. If you know to talk about with a girl, then it will make it easier to get her number and take her on a date. But, if you fall apart during conversation and blank out then she will likely not be attracted and won’t care to see you again. Have no fear. Let’s go into the 7 best things to talk about with a girl and they’re not what you think so stick around until the very end where I’ll explain how to use all this quick list.

Number one, passion. Talking about yours and hers passions makes the conversation interesting, positive and helps you better get to know each other. This is different than asking what someone does for a living. Because what their job is isn’t necessarily what their passion is. Ask what makes her excited to get out of bed in the morning.

Number two, travel. Travel makes for a very interesting conversation. People always have great stories around where they’ve been. A great way to ask a girl about travel is to ask the coolest places that she’s been to in the last few years. Or you can just tel her a story about one of your travel experiences.

Number three, music. Of course you can talk to a girl about general favourites like movies, food etc. But people have really strong opinions on music which makes for great conversation. Everyone listens to music and you can ask her what’s the last song she listened to that she really enjoyed whether it’s something new or something that’s old.

Number four, your friends and hers. Ah, that might one that you never thought of before. Bringing up something really interesting about one of your friends or asking her about her friends makes for interesting conversation. Girls usually have a group of close friends that they really love and it’ll make her feel special that you asked. Plus, it makes for a more positive conversation which is going to make her feel good when talking to you.

Number five, your most wild experiences. When the conversation gets even more personal, you talk about some of your more wild and adventurous experiences. What are some of the more crazy things that you’ve done in your life? Have you gone sky diving? Maybe you met one of your favourite celebrities. What are some of the things that you crossed off your bucket list and you can ask her the same.

Number six, turns on, turn off and pet peeves. I don’t know what it is but people love to talk about their pet peeves. There must be something therapeutic about it. Find out what makes her tick. If you two can connect on something that makes you both tick, that creates a bond between the two of you.

At number seven, last but not least, ask her for advice or her opinion. People generally love to give advice. If there is any chance that you get to ask her opinion or advice on something, you’re going to make her feel special and all girls want to feel special. For example, do you know that she’s passionate about something or is she good at something. You get this in conversation. Ask her some advice specifically on that. Are you seeing some patterns here?

Everything is personal and has something to do with you or her. It’s nothing too generic or boring about current events or something like that. You can really connect with someone when you get on a personal level and those are the topics that will do that. Okay, so what’s your next step? The best way to practice this is to pick one or two of them and make it a point to bring those up the next time you talk to a girl. See how it helps the conversation and then you can take a few more and practice them from your list. Take it step by step.

Leave a comment down below for any other topics that might have worked for you in the past when you talked to a girl. If you’re still having trouble with continuing conversation or you just want to be super smooth when talking to a girl.

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