7 tips to make your summer a success

We decided to look for tips for summer, to simplify your life this summer: camping, beach, or vacation . In general, these ingenious little things are the little nasty help you needed.


1.place a shower curtain under the blanket to avoid having wet buttocks :

shower curtain under the blanket
Credit photo : realsimple

2.protect your bottles by wrapping them in a dishcloth :

bottles by wrapping them in a dishcloth
Credit photo  : marthastewart

3.use a muffin tin to serve different sauces at a barbecue:

muffin tin
Credit photo  : reddit

4.protect your drinks from insects with paper muffin pans:

paper muffin pans
Credit photo  : buzzfeed

5.use egg cartons to transport food more easily:

egg cartons
Credit photo  : buzzfeed

6.A sponge soaked in a bag placed at the freezer will make you a pack of ice that will not flow everywhere by melting:

Credit photo  : reddit

7. plant cloves in limes to repel mosquitoes:

plant cloves
credit photo : Reddit

So what do you think of these tips for summer? Let a comment below

Cover picture Credit: BuzzFeed

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