9 Creative ideas to extend the life of your stuff

When your stuff has a longer life than normal, not only do you save time and money, but you also avoid potential nerve attacks. Often, we dispose of products in bad condition, without realizing that we can find very simple solutions to increase their lifespan. For example, a small piece of plastic will help you keep your bananas longer. Of course, you are looking for ideas to extend the life of your stuff.

At Onfancy, we suggest you try out these 9 amazing everyday tricks that will, no doubt, make your life easier.

9.The clothes :

To keep your clothes longer, simply avoid using the dryer. High temperatures damage the structure of the fabric. Instead, let the garment dry in the open air, and pay special attention to silk, wool and cotton.

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8.A useful tip for bananas:

Many people love bananas, but sometimes they get damaged very quickly when you buy more than one at a time. To preserve them, coat the tip of the fruit in plastic, and do not separate them at the base!

7. A useful tip for sponges:


If you’re tired of constantly changing sponges, just cut them halfway. So you’ll double it and you’ll save money!

6. Freeze your stockings and tights to protect them:

All women know how fragile stockings and tights can be. There is a very simple solution to prevent them from spinning. After buying them, place them underwater, gently stretch them and freeze them overnight in a plastic bag. Take them out of your freezer the next morning and let them air dry.

5. Basic rules for non-stick frying pans:

It is very convenient to use non-stick pans. In order for them to last longer and serve under optimal conditions, you need to remember some basic rules. Do not use metal utensils as this may scratch them. Avoids large temperature differences, and does not place the hot pan in cold water. Do not keep food indoors after cooking. Cleans the non-stick pan with a soft sponge.

4. Keep your bread fresh longer:

To keep your bread fresh longer, place it in a container with a celery stalk and close well. Leave it all night. The next day, you will see that the celery has dried and the bread has absorbed all its moisture. This will allow you to consume it longer.

3.Butter-based tip to prevent cheese from drying out:

After cutting a piece of cheese, add a small portion of butter next to it. This will keep it fresh and prevent the edges from drying out.

2. Keep fresh salad leaves:

fresh salad leaves

This trick is very simple: just coat the salad leaves with a paper instead of plastic. This will prevent you from getting damaged by lack of air.

1.Vodka and sugar to keep fresh flowers longer:

Strange as it may sound, vodka helps kill the bacteria found in the water that can damage the flowers. Add only a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of vodka to the container already filled with water, and enjoy the beauty and freshness of your flowers for longer.

There are some of the ideas to extend the life of your stuff? Have you ever heard of these tips? If you like our advice or if you already used it, let us know your opinion in the comments below!

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