Don’t charge your phone to 100 %, here the reason why?


You know, these days, the phone is radically part of us. Since they are mysterious devices that can do almost anything, phones aren’t powerful! Check out those tips and tricks so that your cell can remain by your side for longer!

1. Get rid of old apps :

Occasionally, take an app inventory. If you remark that you’re not utilising an app anymore, uninstall it from your cell. This will free up space and help it run more efficiently! It’s also good to be aware of which apps are using the most space on your phone.

2. Use Low Power Mode :

Switching to this feature will make your phone charge faster! BUT just know that apps might run slower and you may stop getting emails, automatic updates…any  “extra” things running in the background will stop, or at least slowdown.

3. If you’re in an area with bad reception, turn on Airplane Mode :

Your phone uses the battery to search for a reception. Even if it isn’t picking up any service, your cell will pursue to search for some. This will seriously drain your battery!  If you know you’re going to be in a field with a bad response, switching to Airplane Mode will conserve your battery.

4. Be intelligent regarding placing your cell in your pocket :

Its’ the easiest way to carry your phone—we all do it! But the thing is, your pocket could be full of lint, dust, and other tiny debris that could get into your phone’s loading port. If the port is full of this yucky stuff, it won’t charge as well. When you’re picking a phone holder, take one that has a short plug for the loading port!

5. Clean your telephone safely!

We all know not to get our phones wet, but ANY kind of moisture is bad for your cell. This includes what you may reach for to clean it with; don’t use wet wipes, rubbing alcohol, or sprays. Just use dry cotton stuff to clean the screen and the back, like what you may clean your glasses with.

6. Know when to stop doing software updates :

The people who made your phone will only give you software support for 2 generations. If your cell is older, you may still be able to do the update, but certain apps may not run right, which can be frustrating! A new update that isn’t exactly compatible with your phone will just eat up space, too.

7. Power your phone all the way down once in a while :

This is different from letting the battery get to 0%; hit the actual Off button and let your cell sit for a few minutes. Doing this once a week is good for your phone, and it will extend its life!


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