« Life-Hacks » for parents, these little tips that will change your life

You had already been told what to do with your baby, but parenthood does not stop at the end of breastfeeding. When they have grown up enough to talk and run, taking care of these indefatigable monsters can turn into a nightmare. Not to spend all his salary in the latest consoles and garden toys, a little tour on the internet to chopper techniques ingenious wits or vicious other parents can be very useful. Here some easy life-hacks for parents that require no effort or money :


1. Turn household chores into fun activities:

Because hopscotch does not serve anyone.

household chores

Credit photo : Picasa

2.Transform the staircase into a toboggan:

To prevent them from having fun on the railing.

staircase into a toboggan
Credit photo : amyv

3. Keep the toilet glasses at room temperature:

Because we understood why they were reluctant to drop the Pampers.

the toilet glasses
Credit photo : Bored Panda

4. Make them happy while having fun:

And enjoy a good beer by giving them the momentum that he still can not give himself.

 having fun
Credit photo : Reddit

5.Prevent ice water stains on the T-Shirt:

with a muffin paper.

ice water
Credit photo  : Bored Panda

6. Make them a homemade hammock without paying around:

If only our parents had read this top, we would still have a good childhood ..

 homemade hammock
Credit photo  : Joyful Abode

7.Adapt the tap to their small size:

With a bottle of shampoo.

Credit photo  : BuzzFeed

8.Have fun without stirring up their jealousy:

Just give them controllers connected to nothing, they will see only fire and have fun for hours … What? It’s not vicious it’s clever.

have fun
Credit photo : Cheez Burger

9.Weapons against monsters under their bed at night:

With a TRUE pschitt to monsters.

Weapons against monsters
Credit photo  : Happy Go Lucky

10.teach them forgiveness and reconciliation:

With the Reconciliation T-Shirt, to restore the touch smoothly.

forgiveness and reconciliation
Credit photo  : The Southern Eclectic

11. Take precautions to go mushroom picking:

Thanks to the company Tottoos which makes these transfers at the same time pretty and very useful so that the gendarmerie warn you as quickly as one found the kid.

precautions to go mushroom picking
Credit photo  : Tottoos

12. Make them a swelling castle with three times nothing:

A fan, a duvet house and voila!

swelling castle
Credit photo : Gros Grain Fabulous

Please let a comment below and tell us what do you think of these life-hacks for parents.

Cover picture credit: Bored Panda / Reddit


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