[Top] 6 ways to remove scratches from your screen

remove scratches from your screen

Smartphones, we will not lie, finally, it’s quite practical. But despite this fundamentally practical aspect, smartphones are devilishly fragile and rare are the users to still have a screen unscathed after some time of intense use. Fortunately for you, we are flying to your rescue to save your screen from the vagaries of life and show exactly how to remove scratches from your screen.

1.Spread paste toothpaste (not gel):

Toothpaste is not just for a good breath, it’s also a helpful tool for saving your screen. In truth, you do not really spread your phone but you apply a little on a cotton swab and then you make circular movements (if possible on music that will allow you to move in rhythm) until the stripes disappear.

2.Or any product that reduces scratches on the windshield of a car:

Because actually in the end, well, it’s a little the same somewhere. And if it works for a windshield, well it should work for a smartphone screen.


We would not believe like that, it looks rather scary and yet so. Finally not on the screen directly but rather on the back of your smartphone (which is expensive too, let’s admit it). However, let’s not be wild, choose the least abrasive sandpaper and scrub gently. Well, personally I will not do it but if you want to try and share your failure, I will be all ears.

4.Baking soda:

Here then ? As if by chance! It would have surprised me! Yes, baking soda is always, all the time, part of the miracle ingredients for just about anything and everything. This thing feels like it could save lives. So why not the screen of your smartphone? For this you have to mix it with a little water to make a soft dough that you rub soft and circular ways and you’re done.


Well if it works with baking, it works with talc. Do not ask me why. In any case it requires exactly the same, technical. Our investigators do not tell us if it also works with salt, so in doubt do not try.

6.Vegetable oil:

Well, let’s go as long as we are, why stop at such a great moment? Good in this case, it seems that this represents a temporary solution. But the good news is that after, you will want to blow your smartphone in the pan. FUNNY.

So do you have any other tricks to remove scratches from your screen? Tell us by leaving a comment below.

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