Stop scrolling down, You are ugly !!

Please, Dear girls, give a moment and let me explain why. I’d like all your attention to be with me. You may get shocked at the beginning but in the end you will see how you will feel.


Dear girls as I told you, you are not pretty enough. That’s in fact what you keep hearing every day. No matter if they say it like that or not but everyone can say it in his own way.

As a man and the fact that I feel like I’m not allowed to but I want to tell you something.

Well , …

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You may not be pretty enough, but you are beautiful.

You see being pretty is so good but it will never last forever. The more you get obsessed about how you look such as your body, the more you will suffer from the pain.

Because one day the prettiness that you adore so much will vanish and you will not be about to use effects to filter it away because this is what happens naturally with age and that’s fine.

So as you scroll down the page on social media comparing yourself to her and her and all other girls, you are subconsciously driving yourself to craziness.

I got something to tell you, it’s like a secret; You’re being played.

The stress and anxiety you feel exactly as what these companies were aiming to do to your brain. Just take a moment and think about it.

Do you think they call it Instagram just like that? Of course not, just think about it, because Instagram only gives an instant graham. Every like is contagious, the more you get the more it keeps your feeling rushing back.

It’s like dealing with a drug dealer, they continuously keep lowering your self-confidence and self-esteem and then feeding you with what you need every day.

So every time you scroll down on social media they treat you not like a human but like a pig. They laugh directly in your face because they know nothing can’t stop them from being what they are. Their business is an addiction and they know how to catch you.

You have all this amount of followers but you can’t embrace the feeling of being alone.

Please open your eyes, it was a trap that you fall into. They want you to feel like you are nothing, you are not enough and keep continuously proving your worth and your value.

There is no profit if they say you are already perfect beautiful because if they do who would buy all these movies and magazines, makeup stuffs to prove your worth?

I do not know if you are with me on this? But I have to tell the truth. The truth is you do not need Eyebrows or anything to make you lit because you are already shining.

Your worth is not determined by a price on a dress or bag or new shoes …

I wish if I could show what you have within you, deep in yourself. It’s truly a beauty that no word can describe.

When you smile, you bright even in the darkest places. So it’s up to you to make the world a better place thanks to you. You are enough and admitting that nobody will dare to take it out from you.

So who cares about being pretty enough? Because you are already so beautiful.

Thanks for your precious time and remember you are beautiful.

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